There have been a number of articles and stories on false killer whales in the news in recent years – links to some of these are below. An additional PDF option is available for most.

Featured News

The article link no longer exists but the cover art was worth keeping.

Other news

Hawaii’s false killer whales still face threats to their survival, but a new study offers hope. Hawaii News Now, November 2018 PDF

Estimating the Number of Endangered False Killer Whales in the Main Hawaiian Islands. NOAA Fisheries, September 2018 PDF

Protecting false killer whales. The Garden Island, July 2018 PDF

NOAA moves to protect habitat for Hawaii’s endangered false killer whales. Honolulu Star Advertiser, July 2018 PDF

More Than 17,500 Square Miles Protected for Hawaii’s False Killer Whales. Center for Biological Diversity, July 2018 PDF

Endangered false killer whales get habitat protection. New York Post, July 2018 PDF

False Killer Whales: Hawaii’s Local Whale Species. The Maui Ocean Center, February 2018 PDF

Hawaii is home to false killer whales. The Maui News, February 2018 PDF

False Killer Whales: Sentinels of Ocean Health. NOAA Fisheries, June 2017 PDF

False killer whale’s encounter with longline. Science Daily, December 2016 PDF

False killer whales team up to hunt mahi mahi. Video (c) Seth Conae

Watch: False killer whales team up to hunt mahi mahi. Earth Touch News, September 2016

Grant to fund false killer whale conservation, research. Hawaii Tribune Herald. October 2015

 False killer whales off of Oahu – Video (c)  Wild Side Specialty Tours (WSST)

Rare footage takes us up close with false killer whales. Earth Touch News Network, September 2015

Photographers get rare moment to capture false killer whales on camera. KHON 2 News, January 2015

False killer whales around Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau.  Hawai‘i Fishing News October 2013

Hawai’i’s Unique “Blackfish,” False Killer Whales. Huffington Post, September 2013 PDF

Longline hooking of false killer whale could close fishing grounds. Hawai‘i News Now, March 2013. PDF

Preserving Hawaii’s false killer whales – Action is being taken to preserve a rare Hawaiian creature by Sheila Sarhangi. Honolulu Magazine, September 2010 PDF

Killers with manners. Environment Hawai‘i, May 2010

The greenest band on the planet? by Treena Shapiro in The Honolulu Advertiser, March 29, 2010 PDF

Save the Pseudorca by Rob Parsons in MauiTime, November 12, 2009 PDF